Review and co-production with parents, carers and young people

During 2020, review work of the Halton Local Offer was undertaken ‘virtually’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic by a working group on behalf of the SEND Strategic Partnership.

The working group included young people from Bright Sparks and Halton Children in Care Council, parents and carers from Halton SEND Carers Forum and professionals from Halton SENDIASS, Halton Borough Council, NHS/Health colleagues and Halton Speak Out.

As part of this review, based on their feedback, we updated the content, improved signposting, added more images and videos, also to improve navigation, accessibility and layout, several sections/pages were redesigned to add a ‘purple’ top menu/toolbar.

The working group supported the SEND Strategic Partnership in developing the new Halton SEND Strategy 2021-2025, this identifies our Priorities for the next five years and will be led by new Priority Groups to focus improvements in these areas. Review work of the Halton Local Offer will be led by parents, carers and young people through the Empowerment (Communication & Co-production) Priority Group.

An update on this will be posted as soon as possible, in the meantime, have a look at this short video animation which explains co-production and why it’s important.