Review and co-production with parents, carers and young people

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Halton SEND Co-production Charter


Halton SEND Strategic Partnership are pleased to announce the launch of our SEND Co-production Charter.

The Charter supports putting children, young people and their families at the centre of everything. 


Co-production is in our hands. 


The review work of the Halton Local Offer is led by the Halton SEND Strategic Improvement Board and working groups in co-production with parents, carers and young people.  As well as this, feedback on the Local Offer from local parent/carer groups, colleagues and professionals is sought at every opportunity.

Delivering the virtual training sessions ‘Getting to Grips with the Local Offer’ remains our most popular avenue to receive direct feedback and suggestions for improvement on the Local Offer.  These sessions have provided the best opportunity to work with parent/carers and professionals to review and improve the Local Offer in bitesize areas to ensure the information is more robust, comprehensive and accessible.

Co-production video clip: The Parable of Blobs and Squares


The animation below is a short introductory video which helps to explain what we mean by ‘Co-production’

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