Review and co-production with parents, carers and young people

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, almost all of our review work of the Halton Local Offer has been undertaken ‘virtually’ on behalf of the SEND Strategic Partnership through working groups. These groups included young people from Bright Sparks, Halton Children in Care Council, Halton Youth Cabinet, parents and carers from Halton SEND Carers Forum and professionals from Halton SENDIASS, Halton Borough Council, NHS Halton CCG, other Health colleagues, Halton Speak Out and local providers.

Using their feedback through these reviews we updated the content, added more images and videos, improved the accessibility and signposting of information across the whole website.  We did this by redesigning the layout to help improve the navigation and added a ‘purple’ top menu/toolbar on the sections that have lots of information to break it up into several pages.

We invited members of these working groups to work with the SEND Strategic Partnership in developing the new Halton SEND Strategy 2021-2025. We believe the following priorities will help us to drive the work of Halton Children’s Trust to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND.

The review work of the Halton Local Offer will be led by parents, carers and young people through co-production and the work we do through the SEND Strategic Partnership and Subgroups.

Working Better Together
By working better together needs are identified early and met at the right time, by services that are fully inclusive in practice and processes.

Preparing for Adulthood
We will maximise young people’s ability to thrive, be independent and reach their goals for adult life.

Empowerment (Communication and Co-production)
Professionals will work positively with children, young people and families to provide them with access to the information they need to build provision and services together.

Inclusive Education for CYP with SEND
Children and young people can fulfil their potential supported by educational settings.

Co-production video clip: The Parable of Blobs and Squares


The animation below is a short introductory video which helps to explain what we mean by ‘Co-production’