What you need to know about the Local Offer

The Department for Education has created a Local Offer Guide and video which explains what is meant by “Local Offer” and what you can expect from your local authority.

How to find information?


See below the information leaflets to help you use the Halton Local Offer website and navigate your way around the sections and pages

Section Guide with QR codes

Navigating the Halton Local Offer

Using the Search Tool

This can be found at the top of each page, by entering in keywords and clicking the search icon the website will display links to pages with information that you are looking for 

Sometimes, the Search Tool may not be able to find information, this might be because we may need to:

  • be informed about the service or information so we can find out more about it and then add this onto the Halton Local Offer
  • change the words used to describe the information better, so that the search can information for you and other people more easily in the future
  • work with our partners to improve the services available so that we can meet your needs better

Onscreen search form – information not found image

If the Search Tool was unable to find the information you wanted….

What can you do? 

Please tell us about this by completing the online form.  This will allow us to help you by making the Halton Local Offer better, let us know:

  • your name and email address
  • what information you are looking for and the words you used to search for it
  • complete the ‘Anti-spam’ box
  • press the ‘Send’ button (we will receive an email with your online form)

What will we do?

When we receive your online form we will:

  • make any changes needed to improve the information
  • reply to you by email to tell you what we have done
  • send you the links to the information you were looking for on the Halton Local Offer
  • invite you to complete our online Feedback Form, so you can tell us more about your experience of accessing this help and using the Local Offer

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