How to find information?

Halton Local Offer Guide

This short Halton Local Offer Guide explains the different ways to navigate around the website

It provides details about the different topic sections, layout, toolbars, content and how to find information

An overview of each topic section is included in the guide for an at a glance view of what’s available.

How to use the onscreen ‘Search’ facility?

A quick way to find information on the Halton Local Offer is to use the ‘Search’ facility above


  • Please type in the words to explain what you’re looking for
  • Press ‘Search’
  • The results will be displayed on-screen, providing web-links to different sections/pages that might contain the information you searched for
  • Sometimes the ‘Search’ facility is unable to find the information you were looking for

Reasons why the ‘Search’ didn’t find what I was looking for?

On the left, you will see an example of the onscreen form that will be displayed if the ‘Search’ facility of the Halton Local Offer, was unable to find the information you were looking for

This might be because:

  • We have not been given the information to add to the Halton Local Offer
  • No one has tried to find the information before or tell us that some information is missing from the Halton Local Offer
  • You have identified a gap in provision/services, which we can use to work with our partners to improve the services available to better meet your needs
  • We need to change the way the information is worded on the Halton Local Offer, so that it can be found more easily and allow the ‘Search’ facility to recognise what you’re looking for

Help to find and improve the information on the Halton Local Offer 

Complete the on-screen form to provide:

  • Your name and email address 
  • Tell us a little bit more about what information you would like to find
  • Complete the ‘Anti-spam’ box
  • Press ‘Send’

What happens next?

Your form is sent by email to the Children and Young People Policy Team, who will


  • Update the information on the Halton Local Offer
  • Reply to you by email to let you know what has been done and provide the web-links to the updated information on the Halton Local Offer