Housing and Adaptations

Minor Adaptations

In this section you’ll find information on:

  • Minor Adaptations
  • Major Adaptations
  • Re-housing and Accessible Housing
  • Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) and Halton Home Improvement Agency
  • Dropped Kerbs and Vehicle Cross-overs
  • Disabled Parking Bays
  • Driveways

Minor Adaptations

Minor adaptation can be an extra fitting or a small alteration to your home, it can include things like:

  • Grab rails/handrails
  • Banister rails
  • Lever taps
  • Flashing light doorbell
  • Paths
  • Steps

These things can be done in the private sector with landlord permission and it’s non-means tested or through a Registered Social Landlord) RSL Property.

If you rent your home through a housing association e.g. Halton Housing Trust you would need to get in touch with them direct to request any changes.

Major Adaptations

Major Adaptations

A major adaptation is usually something a bit more complicated, can take longer to install and will be more expensive to carry out. This might be things like:

  • Wheelchair ramps/access
  • Level access showers or wet room
  • Stair lifts

Referral Process

All referrals for adaptations for children to go to  Halton Borough Council, Contact Centre Tel: 0151 907 8306

They will take the details of:

  • the Child/Young Person
  • their disability
  • other therapy staff involved
  • family circumstances
  • a brief summary of present difficulties.

The referral will be Triaged by the ‘Initial Assessment Team’ and further information will be collated by the Duty Worker. If the referral is appropriate, the child will be allocated to an Occupational Therapist for a full assessment. If the child’s needs cannot be met by Social Care, Occupational Therapist  the duty worker will signpost to the appropriate service.

Owner occupied properties

These may be able to be funded by the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG), for children aged under age 18 this is non-means tested.

Major Adaptations for tenants of Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) using the Partnership Arrangement

Although tenants of Housing Associations (providers of social rented housing) can apply for a DFG, Halton has separate arrangements in place through partnership working with most of the Housing Associations within the Borough. These are only in agreement with their own Adaptation Policy and a match funding approach has been set up, with the Council paying 50% of the cost of the eligible adaptation work.

Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) and Halton Home Improvement Agency

Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) and Halton Home Improvement Agency

DFG Leaflet – Mandatory grants to fund eligible works up to the statutory maximum (currently £30,000). All grants are subject to a financial means test, except in the case of children. For adults, the level of support you get will depend on your income. Some local authorities have fast-track systems which do not means test for smaller adaptations.

These grants are provided for works to adapt the homes of chronically sick or disabled persons to enable them to continue to live independently in their homes. Typically they are for works to allow individuals to get in and out of their home more easily, to move around their home safely, and to improve access to bathing and toileting facilities. Applications must be supported by an assessment from a specialist (e.g. an Occupational Therapist)

To approve an application a local housing authority must be satisfied that the works are both ‘necessary and appropriate’ for the needs of the disabled person, and ‘reasonable and practicable’ in relation to the property. If these conditions are met the grant is mandatory.

Funding can be for lots of different things: adding ramps, changing door widths, installing a through floor lift, remodelling a bathroom or kitchen, and other adaptations. Grants can be quite modest or up to £30,000 in England.

You can get advice on applying for a DFG at: www.gov.uk/apply-disabled-facilities-grant.

Halton Home Improvement Agency

Information Leaflet – A full agency service to home owners and private tenants applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant and other forms of financial assistance to help with the adaptation of their homes. This ranges from initial help and advice in the completion of the application forms to a full architectural design and contract administration service.

Re-housing and Accessible Housing

Re-housing and Accessible Housing

PropertyPool Plus 

More information available on Halton PropertyPool Plus

PropertyPool Plus Information Booklet

List of Partner Landlords

You can apply online to PropertyPool Plus to register for housing and if you have a health or medical need you also need to request a Health and Welfare Assessment Form which must be completed by hand and attach relevant supporting medical evidence which could be prescriptions, letters from consultants, doctors, social care staff, etc.  if more than one person in the household has a medical condition you must complete an assessment form for each person.

If you need any assistance in making the application or completing the assessment, contact PropertyPool Plus Tel: 0300 777 3022 for support or Halton Direct Link staff can assist you.

Halton Accessible Homes Service

What is the Halton Accessible Homes Service?

Halton Accessible Homes Service Leaflet

The aim of the Halton Accessible Homes Service is to enable a better match for disabled applicants and their families to accessible and adapted homes when they become available within the Borough. The Service works in partnership with Property Pool Plus, to improve the turn around time for letting accessible housing to people who need such accommodation.

We will assess applicants from all property tenures (owner Occupiers, privately rented and social housing), when they have applied and been accepted for re-housing with Property Pool Plus (PPP). This ensures that PPP have details of the type of housing required and any adaptations recommended so applicants can bid or be considered for appropriate adapted or specialist housing.

What is the purpose of the Accessible Homes Service?

  • To encourage better use of existing resources within adapted properties in Halton.
  • To assist in matching the housing needs of disabled people with suitable available accommodation
  • To assist in the turnaround time for letting accessible housing to people who need such accommodation
  • To provide fairer access to suitable accessible accommodation based on the disabled persons needs as assessed by a qualified Occupational Therapist

How do I apply to the Accessible Homes Service?

Once you have completed a re-housing/health and welfare application with Property Pool, they may directly refer to Accessible homes if it appears that you may benefit from an assessment. Alternatively you or another family member or professional can contact us via the HBC Contact Centre once an application to Property Pool has been made. Tel: 0151 907 8306 / 0303 333 4300.

 What happens next?

Currently there is a waiting time before an assessment is possible but cases are considered where a high priority is identified ie: section 21 notice/threatened homelessness/not able to be discharged home from hospital.  An appointment will then be made for our Occupational Therapist to visit you, to complete an assessment and discuss the suitable housing options that would improve your independence.

Following this assessment, the recommendations for your Housing needs will be forwarded to Property pool plus and your application will be updated with the adaptations you require in an alternative property.

When a property becomes available

If a property becomes available on Property Pool plus you need to bid or you can contact Property Pool Plus and request an automatic or some assistance to apply for it and any future suitable properties.  People are then shortlisted for properties dependent on their medical banding, their date of application and if the property has the recommended adaptations or accessible facilities in place.

Following this, if your nomination is successful, a joint visit may be requested to the property with yourself and the AHS Occupational Therapist to confirm if any additional adaptations or equipment are required.

You may not be considered /shortlisted for adapted properties that do not match the recommendations made regarding your housing need.

Will I be re-housed any sooner?

It is not possible to determine how long this process may take. However, it is hoped that the property offered will be more appropriate to your housing needs. Property Pool usually advertises and allocates their adapted housing as a priority to those with an assessed need.

For more information and advice, contact Accessible Homes Service on Tel  0151 511 7492 or email [email protected]/

Dropped Kerbs and Vehicle Cross-overs

Requests for these should be directed to Halton Borough Council’s Highways Department and if it is for a vehicle cross-over they will provide a quotation for the self-funded change.

Complete the online Enquiry Form to request.

Disabled Parking Bays

Requests for these should be directed to Halton Borough Council’s Highways Department.

Complete the online Enquiry Form to request.


These changes are self-funded.

Housing Associations

Halton has a number of Housing Associations providing rented homes, these include: