SENCO Workshop 17th June 2015

You Said

We Did

Actions reviewed and updated on 4th May 2016

General Views on Local Offer
Everything is in one place.  It is clear and organised – parents and staff find it easy to locate the advice and services they need We want to make the process easy to understand that’s great to hear – we’re glad you like it.
Education, Health & Care Plan
Could you review the School Offer template as this is similar to SEN Information Report we are also required to completeCould you review the School We’ve reviewed examples of SEN Information Reports and our School Offer template against the SEND Code of Practice Chapter 6 School: paragraphs 6.79-6.83 (SEN Information Report) and Chapter 4 Local Offer: paragraphs 4.34-4.36 (around schools publishing more detailed information).We’ve developed a NEW combined document ‘SEN Information Report’ to help ensure that information is published in a consistent style, in straightforward language and be easily understood by parents and young people.This has been issued to all Halton school SENCOs for completion as part of their annual review which is required by the end of September 2015
Education, Early Years & Childcare
Can you add the Audiology Referral Forms Added to Specialist Support – Sensory and/or Physical Needs (Hearing & Visual Impairment)
Could you add information on Social, Emotional and Mental Health We’ve added lots more information, layout of Health section updated with information in user-friendly drop-down sections.
Get Involved
Staff training Information included in the new section ‘Training & Events’
Initial feedback was around advice and support for children with parental issues. Having sought more information this is about providing information for school staff to respond to parents involved in ‘complicated relationships’ and dealing with conflict without involving their children. Agreed with SEND Specialist Teachers that information around this will be included in a session at a future SENCO Workshop