This is a user-friendly online website for Everyone, in particular:

  • Children and young people with SEN and/or disabilities (SEND) from birth to 25 years
  • Parents/carers and families
  • Practitioners and professionals
Local Offer Leaflet
Local Offer Disclaimer
Local Offer Requests Policy Statement

This Policy Statement explains Halton’s approach to requests for information being included on the Local Offer.

Do you want to find another local authority's local offer?

This might be to find a local authority local offer that’s near to Halton or if you are going on holiday to another area in England – SENDirect have listed these on their website:

Alternative ways to access the Halton SEND Local Offer online

LO Accessibility Information Sheet – If you do not have access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can use the public computers in the local libraries and Halton Children’s Centres – staff will be able to help you access the information online.


The Halton SEND Local Offer has been produced by working together with young people and parents who have children with special educational needs and/or disability.

  • We will be making further developments and improvements to the Local Offer using your feedback and suggestions.
  • We welcome your comments and ideas, if you have any feedback on the Halton SEND Local Offer please complete the online Feedback Form

Thomas Speech, SEND Reforms Event – 4.7.14

Thomas Norris did a fantastic speech on getting involved with Halton Children’s Trust as a young person and how we can all be great!